Novak 'Probably' Regrets Plame Column


In an interview on CNN's Situation Room Friday, Robert Novak said he "probably" regrets writing the column that revealed the name of CIA employee Valerie Plame.

Conservative commentator Novak, who had not been on CNN since the summer, when he walked off after an argument with Democrat James Carville, is leaving the network after his contract was not renewed.

"I probably do [regret writing it]" he told anchor Wolf Blitzer, "because it's caused me so much trouble.  I don't think I did anything wrong, but as a practical matter, it wasn't a big scoop. You know, I think it was in the seventh paragraph of a 13-paragraph story or 11-paragraph story.... And so it was just a throw-away line."

Blitzer said he had been prepared to explain his role in exposing the name, which prompted a government investigation into the leak. "I was set to go on CNN at the time of the indictment of [Scooter] Libby and tell about my role of the case, things I haven't disclosed on the grounds that the case was over.  And to my amazement the special prosecutor continued the case and late summoned a new grand jury."

He said he still plans to explain, but "unfortunately, I won't be with CNN anymore."