Noth Returns to Law & Order


Chris Noth, most recently Sex and the City's "Mr. Big," will return to his old beat, Law & Order, reprising the role of Det. Mike Logan, this time as a regular on spinoff L&O: Criminal Intent.

Noth will split the lead duties with star vincent D' Onofrio, with each starring in 11 episodes apiece.

Noth makes his first appearance Sunday, Feb. 13, with NBC looking for a sweeps boost from the return of the popular character. Noth appeared on Law & Order from 1990 to 1995 and the guest shot has been in the works for some time.

Noth reprised the role once before, for a 1998 NBC TV movie, Exiled. Wolf says other Logan films are also in the works.

Law & Order creator Dick Wolf said D' Onofrio needed some help, citing the "grueling pace" of being a single lead in an hour drama.

The erratic behavior of  D’Onofrio--on the set, allegedly starting fistfights--has been reported for several months, particularly in The New York Post’s Page Six column, and had NBC Universal executives considering Noth as an emergency backup in the lead detective role since at least November.