Not much news for women, minorities


According to the RTNDA/Ball State University Women & Minorities Survey,
the percentage of women and minority TV and radio news directors is up in 2002,
while the number of women and minorities as a percentage of the news workforce
is down.

Women hold a record 25.9% of TV news directors jobs, up solidly from 20.2% in

In radio, 22.3% of news directors are women, up slighly from 21.9 percent in

Minorities hold 9.2% of TV news director posts, up from 8% last year.

In radio, 5.1% of news directors are minorities, up from 4.4% last year.

Overall, minorities make up 20.6 percent of the TV news work force, down from
24.6 last year.

In radio, minorities have 8% of news jobs, down from 0.7 percent last

In TV minorities hold 19% of jobs in English-language newsrooms, down from
21.8 percent in 2001.

Women make up 38.6 percent of the television news work force, down slightly
from last year's 39.7 percent.

Women hold 32.5 percent of all jobs in radio news, down from 37.4 percent in

Commenting on the findings, RTNDA President Barbara Cochran said: 'It's good
news that women and minorities are increasing their numbers in management ranks,
but the decline in total staff percentages is a cause for concern.