Northpoint snipes at MDS


Northpoint Technology sent a lengthy letter to the FCC this week, disputing MDS America's claims that they offer terrestrial wireless systems all over the world using spectrum allocated for DBS services.

MDS America in March entered the testy battle taking place at the FCC over whether the commission should grant Northpoint Technology exclusive use of spectrum from 12.2 to 12.7 GHz, allocated for DBS use. Earlier this week, MDS America announced that it had gotten an experimental license from the FCC to demonstrate its claims over the next year. Northpoint says MDS America's assertions that it is operating twenty installations are not accurate.

"If the sites listed by MDS are in fact representative, it appears that MDS is not actually serving any subscribers on frequencies that are shared with DBS services in the 12.2-12.7 band, much less in the twenty countries claimed," wrote Michael Kellogg, an attorney representing Northpoint.

The letter then outlines Northpoint's analysis of eight MDS sites, explaining why it believes that these systems - "if they exist at all" - aren't actually operating within the DBS band. - Paige Albiniak