Northpoint: Deny Pegasus petition


Northpoint Technology's lawyers last week asked the FCC to dismiss Pegasus Communications Corp.'s petition to launch broadband services on the same band of satellite frequency Northpoint wants to use.

Northpoint says the application should be dismissed because PDC Broadband Corp., a Pegasus subsidiary, missed the commission's filing deadline by more than a year. Northpoint also says Pegasus' application "indicates an anticompetitive attempt on the part of its parent, Pegasus, the largest independent distributor of DirecTV, to delay the licensing process for new and innovative terrestrial and satellite services."

The satellite industry strongly opposes Northpoint's plan to terrestrially transmit multichannel and broadband services on DBS frequencies, saying the technology has potential to interfere with the services of 12 million DBS subscribers.

Satellite industry sources say that if the FCC grants both Pegasus' and Northpoint's applications, the commission will have to auction use of the spectrum, which Northpoint wants to avoid.