Noncoms Go Online To Push For Funds


As of Monday night, a new a public broadcasting Web site to drum up support for noncom funding had generated 5,000 e-mails from supports to legislators.

The site, a partnership of PBS, NPR and the Association of Public Television Stations, includes an e-mail form saying the following:

"Ask Congress to Stop the Cuts to Public Broadcasting 

"How much is $1.53 worth to you?

"With a federal investment of just $1.53 per American per year, public broadcasting creates and distributes programming such as Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Sesame Street, Frontline, American Experience and The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. This small amount also allows public broadcasting to provide local community services like educational partnerships with schools, job training services, and the opportunity to explore locally important topics in-depth.

"Yet some in Congress want to eliminate funding for public broadcasting.

"Take action now to help preserve future funding for public broadcasting. Just enter your ZIP and click on GO -- then choose talking points and edit to add your own thoughts and personalize your message."

Last year, noncoms came under heavy fire during the budgeting process from Republicans taking and axe to their appropriation.
Democrats came to the rescue, holding Capitol Hill rallies to head off what many saw as draconian cuts, some stemming from displeasure over PBS programming, including the "two mommies" episode of Postcards From Buster.