No Online ‘Deal’ for Deal


When NBC announced its promotional partnership with video-sharing site YouTube last month, the network pointed to sitcom The Office and late shows Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show With Jay Leno as just the sort of hip, happening NBC shows that savvy Internet users are clamoring to see clips of on YouTube.

Well, according to site-surfing tracker Hitwise, which sifts through the riverbed of ideas to find out which nuggets 10 million Web users are panning for, maybe not.

In the 12 weeks ended July 1, days after the deal was announced, the top four NBC show names/search terms driving traffic to were game show Deal or No Deal (which accounted for three of the top 10 searches), daytime soaps Days of Our Lives and Passions, and reality show The Apprentice.

Jay Leno

came in at No. 10 and SNL at 19. The Office didn’t even break the top 20, coming in as the 24th-most-popular search.

Perhaps, Hitwise suggests, NBC might want to add traffic-driving shows to the YouTube deal. NBC did not return a call for comment, but maybe the network has it just right by promoting the shows that need the online boost.

We suspect that the big draw behind Deal is an online play-and-win component. So maybe the thing to do is to offer online cash incentives for every show. Think of it as reverse pay-per-view.