No Meeting Scheduled Between Kerry and Cable, NFL


According to an aide, Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) has not scheduled a meeting with the NFL or the top cable companies over their carriage--or cable's lack of it--of the NFL Network's Patrios/Giants football game Dec. 29. It could be historic if the  Patriots are still undefeated.

The aide attributed the lack of a meeting,

which Kerry had requested

, to the "reluctance expressed by all three parties to meet specifically to discuss the Giants Patriots game."

But the aide did say that Kerry was "pleased" that both sides came forward with "constructive ideas for addressing this matter."

Kerry had sent letters to all three asking to meet with them this week and all had responded with varying degrees of enthusiasm for a meeting ranging

from the NFL commissioner vowing

to clear his schedule

to a Comcast executive saying schedule conflicts prevented his attendance,

though all said they weren't sure there was much to talk about.

The NFL Network has rights to the game, but the top cable operator, Comcast, carries it on a sports tier rather than its basic tier, and Time Warner, the second biggest cable operator, doesn't carry the network at all.

Several New England legislators have weighed in with their advice to find a way to give the game wider play. Both sides have said they want that too, with the NFL suggesting the move is up to cable operators, while the cable operators advise them to move the game to broadcast TV as a one-time thing, something the NFL has said it doesn't plan to do.