No Glam Debut for Grubman


Lizzie Grubman turned out not to be nearly as glamorous as her celebrity clients.

The debut of Grubman's MTV reality show, PoweR Girls, generated low-wattage Nielsen ratings Thursday night.

PoweR Girls drew just 1.2 million viewers and scored a 1.2 rating among MTV's core 12-17 audience. That's about the audience that reruns of car makeover show Pimp My Ride generates.

The heavily-promoted PoweR Girls follows New York PR princess Grubman and four of her minions as they plan parties and publicity for celeb clients like Ja Rule and P. Diddy.

The show provoked vicious reviews from critics ("both a poorly made reality show and an American cultural tragedy. It's two, two, two grotesqueries in one," says the Boston Globe's Matthew Gilbert.