No broadband in State of the Union


The White House told the high-tech community in a conference call Monday
night that President George W. Bush would not mention broadband in his first
State of the Union speech, and that he would spend most of the talk focusing on
domestic, international and economic security, sources said.

White House staffers told industry reps that while the administration
considers broadband an important issue, any policy announcement right now would
be premature.

The President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology and other
administration agencies are working on such a policy, however, although any
concrete announcement is weeks or even months out, sources said.

Some in the industry were disappointed that their issue wouldn't show up in
the speech, but others said they would prefer the administration's thinking on
broadband to be fully formed.

'As long as the administration is committed to developing a vision and a
leadership position, I'm satisfied that they are headed in the right direction,'
said Ken Kay, executive director of the Computer Systems Policy Project, an
advocacy group comprised of technology CEOs.