NLMC: Nielsen Undercounts Latinos

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Latinos in the U.S. are severely underrepresented by Nielsen Media Research, the National Latino Media Council said Wednesday.

According to a study by Rincon & Associates, undercounting Latinos leads the broadcast networks to prematurely cancel Latino-targeted programs and makes them reluctant to produce and air new Latino-themed shows.

"This in turn leads to diminished employment opportunities for Latino actors, writers, directors and other behind-the-camera professionals, as well as to significant loss of revenue from potential advertisers seeking to reach Latino audiences," NLMC said in a statement.

According to the council, there are 43 million Latinos in the U.S. and in Puerto Rico, with an estimated buying power of close to $653 billion.

"Nielsen’s systematic exclusion of Latinos is shameful; the company has been slow in remedying this despite the significant economic losses to both the industry and our community," said Esteban Torres, former Congressman and NLMC chairman.

Nielsen was unavailable for comment at press time on Wednesday.