N.J. rep. puts hit on Sopranos


Rep. Marge Roukema (R-N.J.) introduced a congressional resolution Wednesday
condemning Home Box Office's smash hit, The Sopranos,for
portraying Italian Americans in a 'negative and unfair' manner.

'If African Americans and Hispanic Americans had shows like this, they would
be marching in the street,' Roukema said.

Both of Roukema's parents were Italian Americans, and she said she is
sponsoring the resolution in 'memory of my mother and father. My parents must be
turning over in their graves.' She added that she has some 16 co-sponsors and
she hopes to gain more.

Asked whether she watched the gangster drama, she said, 'I watched it a
couple of times and then I boycotted it.'

In response, HBO said, 'We are very proud of The Sopranos. We are not
alone in our assessment that the show is an extraordinary artistic