Ninth annual NATPE food drive


For the ninth consecutive year, CABLEready is organizing the NATPE Food
Project, a volunteer effort started by CEO Gary Lico, after he noticed the
amount of food wasted each year at the convention. Exhibitors are encouraged to
donate leftover food from show booths and parties to the Community Food Bank of
Las Vegas.

Due to the current economy and cutbacks on the exhibitor side, there may be
less food this year, 'nonetheless we're hopeful in looking forward to one of the
most successful NATPE food drives ever,' said Lico in a prepared statement. 'Any
amount donated is a good amount.'

Since the drive's inception, more than 15,000 pounds of quality food have
been donated to local charities in various NATPE convention cities.

Food donations by NATPE participants can be arranged in advance by contacting
CABLEready's Louis Occhicone at (203) 425-2136 x363 or via e-mail at

Donations during the show itself can be made through the CABLEready booth, #