Nielsen Tallies Ratings Outages


Nielsen Media Research Thursday put out an advisory identifying the markets where ratings
data had been excluded for some number of days, starting Sept. 18, due to
hurricane-related power outages.

Nielsen excludes ratings when a market’s sample size is below a certain
threshold, which varies by market.

The advisory included a warning that Nielsen was making the excluded data
available to stations, but that it did not meet Nielsen reporting standards, it was
"unstable" and it "should not be used for buying, selling or promotional purposes."

In at least two of the markets -- Norfolk and Richmond, Va. --
Nielsen data were still not available as of Thursday, well into the new season's
first week.

Other markets that had some portion of ratings data excluded were
Raleigh-Durham, N.C. (Sept. 18-20); Baltimore (Sept. 18-21); and Washington, D.C. Sept. 18-22).