Nielsen Shares DVR/Mobile Findings

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Addressing its clients in Orlando today, Nielsen is sharing findings from a recent study on digital video recorder (DVR) and mobile-video viewing.

The quick recap is, people tend to watch DVR programming in groups, people sit through more commercials when watching a DVR’d program closer to its original air date, and viewing on mobile units is still largely a niche market. Nielsen studied the viewing behavior of sample households with DVRs for three weeks in January. It found that, within 27 hours of being recorded, primetime broadcast commercials gain 16% in ratings among viewers 18-49, and 22% after seven days. Also, 54% of people watching DVR playback are watching with someone else. In comparison, 50% of viewers watching live programming watch with someone else.

On the mobile video front, 19% of households have at least one mobile-video device, be it a portable DVD player, video-enabled cell phone or video iPod. Usage among that group appears less than habitual. Around two-thirds of the owners said it’d been more than a week since they watched video on the device. Among iTunes users, 95% of the daily playback is audio, not video.

“New digital technologies are changing the way people watch television and Nielsen is committed to helping clients understand and measure this new viewing behavior,” stated Sara Erichson, General Manager, National Services for Nielsen Media Research.