Nielsen Scores Touchdown with Scorecard


The National Football League has become the newest client for Nielsen Sports’ Sponsorship Scorecard, the service that tracks sponsored media in televised sports.

The league, which tested the service with Nielsen during Super Bowl XXXIX, will begin using it full-time in the 2005 season.

The web-delivered service measures in-stadium occurrences, duration, and location of all sponsorship media (signs, plugs, logos, etc.), including visuals and audio inside the sports venue, in- game audio, and promotions.

By measuring how many television viewers in key demographic groups see sponsorship elements, Sponsorship Scorecard creates a way for advertisers and teams to “assess which sports, teams and even locations within venues will provide the greatest impact and most cost efficient return in reaching their target audience,” according to Nielsen.

The first sponsorships were tracked in Fenway Park in Boston during the April 2004 Boston Red Sox-New York Yankees game, but the official launch in July 2004 at Major League Baseball’s All -Star Game showed first-inning sponsor Taco Bell to be the big winner.

Its pre-game contest showed a fan throwing through a cut-out bearing Taco Bell’s logo—as did the cart that held the balls and the big check for $1 million that was handed out to the lucky winner. Taco Bell also sponsored last night’s All-Star pitching contest, though the big plugger of the night was GM.

The Scorecard service has more than 30 clients spread out over multiple sports including NASCAR and SKI & company motorsports, baseball’s Minnesota Twins and Arizona Diamondbacks, the Professional Bull Riders Association, ESPN, the PGA Tour, as well as clients in basketball, tennis and football. The service was developed by Nielsen Ventures, a unit of VNU.