Nielsen Rolling Out VOD Information Services

HBO Teams Up with Ratings-Measurement Giant on National People Meter VOD Audience Measurement Service

HBO is the first client for a new Nielsen service that will provide demographic information on video-on-demand customers, while a complementary service to track VOD "transactions" is almost ready for unveiling.

HBO will use the new National People Meter VOD Audience Measurement service to gather information on who is using its HBO on Demand and Cinemax On Demand services.

“Technology has changed the way people watch television and, as our customers increasingly use our on-demand products to watch our shows on a timetable of their choosing, it is essential that we understand this growing shift in viewer behavior,” HBO senior vice president of research Jan Pasquale said in announcing the move.

She added that tracking that behavior will allow HBO to better target its service and improve consumer satisfaction.

Not only is HBO the first client, Nielsen said, but the company helped to develop the new National People Meter VOD Audience Measurement service. Also in the pipeline from Nielsen is NORA, a complementary service that will use cable-system information to track when VOD programming is accessed.

Look for an announcement on NORA in the next few days, according to a Nielsen spokeswoman, adding that it is a service that could be attractive to cable operators.