Nielsen Reports Fault-Rate Progress


Nielsen says it has made progress in decreasing fault rates and increasing corporate diversity.

That news came in a report on its progress in implementing the recommendations of a March 2005 task force created to address criticisms of the ratings service, particularly minority fault rates for its new local people meter technology and the resulting alleged undercounting of minorities.

“I am pleased with the progress we have already made on the Task Force’s recommendations," said Nielsen President Susan D. Whiting.

So was task force Chair Cardiss Collins, former Democratic Congresswoman from Illinois, said of the progress report, according to Nielsen: “Nielsen has done a commendable job at moving forward with many of our recommendations," she said in a statement. "The Task Force appreciates Nielsen’s attention to our report and believes that the company’s implementation of our recommendations will lead to more accurate measurement of diverse racial and ethnic television viewers.”

Nielsen says it has improved fault rates, essentially the rate at which users fail to accurately record data, thanks to "personal coaching, performance based incentives, proactive phone line installation and field staffing increases."

It has added cultural sensitivity procedures to its field training program, translated all its sample household material into Spanish and has also translated some key recruitment materials into Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Tagalog.

The company has also taken steps to better diversify its own company, through the creation of a diversity council.