Nielsen Report: Mobile Boosts Audience Reach

Nielsen TotalWeb: Mobile Internet Delivery Boosts Audience Reach of Top Sites by Average of 13%

If a report from Nielsen's new TotalWeb mobile-media-measurement service is any indication, there is clearly an appetite for mobile entertainment media.

According to the report, released Thursday, mobile Internet delivery boosts the audience reach of many top Internet sites by an average of 13%. That's enough to get content providers to sit up and take notice, but the numbers get better for the kind of content broadcasters are looking to leverage in their own mobile applications.

Mobile delivery boosted the audience for weather and entertainment content by 22% apiece, by far the largest percentage boost for any of the categories listed, which included music, games, sports, e-mail and business and financial information.

That report came on the same day AT&T announced the May 4 launch of its mobile-TV service

AT&T said its research showed that news and movies were the top categories of programming consumers wanted on their mobile phones.