Nielsen Report: How Teens Interact with Media in 2011

Social media climbs, mobile usage most prevalent in this demo

American teens in 2011 interact with media on a very
different basis than in 1993, Nielsen

Teens 12-17 average
as the heaviest mobile video viewers, with 7 hours 13 minutes of viewing time per
month in Q4 2010, compared to 4 hours 30 minutes for the general population. In
addition to their heavier online video viewing, 58% of teens surveyed in
September 2010 said that they "always" or "sometimes" look at mobile ads.

Social media has steadily grown in prevalence, and 78.7%
of teens ages 12-17, while making up only 7.4% of those who use the social
networks, visited them.

However, those same teens watched the least amount of
television per week in Q4 2010, averaging at 23 hours 41 minutes. The average
American watched 34 hours 39 minutes.

Americans 18 years old spent on average 39 hours 50 minutes
on their home computers, with 5 hours 26 minutes spent viewing online video.