Nielsen: Palin Pulls In Hockey Moms

Nielsen says more "hockey moms" tuned in to VP debate than other groups.

Hockey moms were 39% more likely to watch the vice presidential debate between self-professed hockey mom Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) and Senator Joe Biden (D-Del.) than so-called "average moms."

That's according to Nielsen, which posted the stat on its blog Tuesday. Nielsen said that 33% of hockey moms tuned in to the debate, while only 23.8 percent all mothers 25-54 tuned in.

Nielsen defined "hockey mom" as a woman 25-54 with kids and who watched "at least six minutes" of the most recent Stanley Cup Finals on NBC.

But it turns out hockey moms aren't just following Palin. Nielsen said that a greater percentage of hockey moms (21.3%) tuned in to the first presidential debate than all moms (16.5%). That made hockey moms 29.1% more likely to watch Barak Obama and John McCain square off.

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