Nielsen Names Exec to Sell Scorecard

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Nielsen Ventures has tapped Robin Dally as vice president of sales and marketing for Nielsen Sports, where she will be selling Sponsorship Scorecard, a new service to gauge the impact of in-game ads and promos on TV-sports watchers.

Dally comes with over a decade of experience, most recently with the NFL, where she served as director of global sponsorships for NFL International. Before that, Dally worked in senior roles directing the Seattle Mariners corporate marketing and sponsorship department.

Nielsen rolled out the Scorecard service with a select group of advertisers and baseball teams July 1, with plans to go wide with all sports in the fall.

In its first high-profile outing, Sponsorship Scorecard found that Taco Bell was the big ad winner in the MLB All-Star Game, achieving a 9 minute, 30 second duration for 83 unique exposures of its sponsored visuals, or a total of 1,200,084 viewers 18-plus.

The scorecard measures TV exposures of sponsored media (visible occurrences) in sports events. That includes real and electronic signage and sponsorship of contests.