Nielsen Gives Advertisers New Demo Tracker

DemoWatch Tool in KeepingTrac Service Will Monitor Who Is Watching Ads

Nielsen launched a tool to help advertisers monitor the demographic makeup of the audience for their ads.

This could become an increasingly important metric given efforts in Washington and industry self-regulatory efforts to limit junk-food ads to children and steer clear of child audiences for adult-targeted fare.

DemoWatch, a Web-based tool in Nielsen's KeepingTrac service, will combine demos from overnight ratings with commercial monitoring information to help advertisers keep tabs.

"This tool would help advertisers of food, alcohol, prescription drugs and R-rated movies adhere to advertising guidelines for children and take immediate corrective action if their commercials violate those guidelines," Nielsen said in announcing the service.

More than one-dozen major food advertisers have pledged to adopt rules related to advertising to audiences where the majority of viewers are under 12, including not placing ads in those shows for foods that do not meet certain nutritional guidelines.