Nielsen enlarges role in PPM test

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Nielsen Media Research said Tuesday that it will expand its role in the research
program evaluating Arbitron Inc.'s "Portable People Meter."

Nielsen said the expanded agreement -- delayed since mid-2002 -- will boost
its financial involvement and commitment of resources in continuing research on
the PPM.

Nielsen and Arbitron have been testing the PPM system in radio and TV in the
Philadelphia area, even as Nielsen tested and rolled out its own "Local People
Meter" in Boston.

Recent moves by Nielsen -- particularly its near-$500 million deal
with NBC and the announcement of LPM rollouts in the remaining top 10 DMAs, both in February -- seem to demonstrate that it will continue to dominate
television-viewing measurement and that its LPMs will be the
standard in major markets for the near future.

But many broadcasters, NBC included, have indicated strong interest in the
Arbitron technology.