Nielsen: Ad spending up


Nielsen Media Research reports that advertising spending for the first
half of 2002 rose 2.3 percent over the same period last year, according to
figures compiled through its ad-tracking service, Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

Six of the nine reported
media categories showed spending increases with local newspaper showing the
greatest gain, up 9 percent.

Hispanic TV climbed almost 7 percent, partly due to this year's World

Broadcast network TV, cable, and spot TV showed gains of 2-3 percent, while
spot radio rose 1 percent.

National magazines declined 1 percent.

Jeff King, managing
director of Nielsen Monitor-Plus said that the automobile category, 'continues
to be the largest advertising spender, followed by Restaurants, Motion Pictures,
Department Stores, and Prescription Drugs.'

Ad spending by
the top ten advertisers generated $5.6 billion dollars through May 2002, 5.2 percent
greater than the same period last year.

Seven of those advertisers increased their spending this year, with Pfizer
Inc. and The Procter & Gamble Co. spending 32 percent and 21 percent more,

Much of Pfizer's gain was due to increased spending in direct-to-consumer
advertising for brands such as Lipitor, Zoloft, and Zyrtec, while part of
P&G's increase was attributed to new product advertising for brands such as
Torengos, Crest Toothpaste Whitening/Scope, and Pampers Cruisers, Easy Ups, and

Four automobile companies ranked within the Top 10. Two
spent more, including General Motors (+15.2 percent) and Toyota (+13.7 percent).
The other two spent less -- Daimlerchrysler AG (-15.7 percent) and Ford (-9.8