Nielsen: 70.5% of Households "Unready" in November Acquired Converter Boxes

19.7% of those unready homes ordered cable, 9.6% went to satellite

The Nielsen Co. reports that almost 70.5% of households that were defined as “unready” for the digital transition back in November, acquired a digital converter box. That should help keep a fair number of viewers glued to the broadcast TV stations.

However, a further 19.7% of those unready homes ordered cable, while 9.6% went to satellite. The figures are based on what Nielsen has seen in its 18,000 sample homes in the United States.

Shari Ann Brill, senior VP programming Carat, says she is not expecting the digital transition to have a large impact on ratings but says, “it could affect Spanish language broadcasting.” Minority groups who are unready occur in larger numbers than the traditional population.