Nick Ranks Kids TV Turn-Offs


Kids cable channel Nickelodeon will air a Linda Ellerbee-hosted Nick News special Dec. 18 on the Ten Things Wrong With Television.

According to show spokeswoman Nancy Hostler, the 10 things were gleaned from Ellerbee and Nick News staffers' conversations with kids they had dealt with for other Nick News segments, then posted online at, where Web-surfing kids--and theoretically anyone else--got to vote on them.

Veteran journalist Ellerbee has found a second calling in overseeing news by, for and about kids. No word on whether there will be a sequel on the 10 best things about TV.

The show will reveal how the online poll ranked the rankling TV traits, but the list the surfers got to choose from (in the order they appeared on the site) was:

1. I hate commercials, why are there so many?

2. With all these channels, why can't I find something I want to watch? 

3. TV stereotypes people. 

4, TV doesn't reflect all Americans equally. 

5. There's too much sex, violence and bad language on TV.

6. TV shows don't reflect real life. 

7. TV news is biased.

8. TV makes me feel bad about myself. 

9. TV keeps me from doing more important things.

10. TV News is too negative and scary.