NFL: We need scheduling flexibility


At an annual owners' meeting Monday in Orlando, Fla., National Football
League commissioner Paul Tagliabue said he wants the TV networks to give the
league the flexibility to move some marquee games from Sunday to Monday night in
the last four weeks of the season, reported.

The idea is to identify the key matchups as the season unfolds, then make
sure ABC's Monday Night Football

prime time slot
has some of those pivotal games.

Not doing so has made for some late-season Monday-night yawners, when
matchups that looked golden in September had tarnished by late season.

For example, two years ago, neither the Baltimore Ravens nor New York Giants,
who battled it out in the Super Bowl, had been preseason picks to get there.
Neither had a Monday-night game that year.

ABC would obviously welcome the move to get stronger Monday-night games,
while Fox and CBS may take some convincing.

'We will ensure that there will be attractive games in
all of the time slots on Sunday and on Monday nights,' Tagliabue reportedly told
the group of club presidents, head coaches, front-office employees and league

'I think we can make it a win-win situation. We could make sure that CBS and
Fox both have strong programming late in the season.'