NFL Opposes Time Warner Stay


The NFL Network has filed an opposition to Time Warner's request for a stay of the FCC's decision forcing Time Warner to put the network back on systems it just acquired in a deal between it and Comcast to divvy up bankrupt Adelphia.

No surprise, since the FCC's move was in response to an NFL Network request for the reinstatement, citing possible irreparable harm.

NFL Net and Time Warner have been in a carriage fight over price and placement. NFL wants to be placed on the popular basic tier, while Time Warner wants it to anchor a separate sports tier.

Time Warner pulled the net off its new systems Aug. 1. NFL complained to the FCC that Time Warner hadn't given it 30 days notice, as required by FCC rules.

Time Warner conceded it had not given 30-days notice, but said it fell under an FCC caveat that the notice was not necessary if the move were beyond Time Warner's control. Time Warner says it was, NFL says it wasn't.

The FCC said last week that the NFL's is likely enough to prevail and that the public's interest was in keeping the games on while the matter is resolved.