NFL Network Ratchets Up Pressure on Time Warner For Carriage

Ad in ‘Politico' says cable op is only of top 5 providers not carrying net

The NFL Network is trying to ratchet up the pressure on Time Warner Cable to start carrying the network.

In recent days, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has talked about the issue, saying he was disappointed that Time Warner was not carrying the network but that "we'll continue to push on."

That push now includes an ad in the Politico newspaper that ran Wednesday (Nov. 18) pointing out that Time Warner is the only one of the top five TV providers not carrying the channel. Politico reaches the lawmakers that the network wants to remind about the issue.

The ad talks about the NFL Network's weekly Thursday prime time games and "special holiday games," then makes the point that Time Warner does not have them by identifying it as the top 5 TV provider blocking fans from NFL Network.

The NFL Network has been at the center of a number of carriage disputes with major cable providers, as it sought better placement on their lineups, and the higher fees that come with it. Most notably was the dispute with the nation's largest MSO, Comcast, which was sent to an FCC Administrative Law Judge. Comcast and the NFL Network eventually settled in May, 2009.