NFL Flexes Its Scheduling Muscle


The NFL has announced its first game for NBC's flex scheduling. It will be the Nov. 12 game between the undefeated Chicago Bears and the division-leading New York Giants.

The game had been scheduled for 1 p.m. on Fox but has been moved to Sunday night on NBC.

Back in April, the NFL picked six games in the last weeks of the season that NBC will get to make their Sunday night game. The idea was to give NBC more competitive games rather than having to stick with ones that might not have playoff implications.

NBC picked games it would like in those slots, but the league gets the final determination. It has up until 12 days before the game to announce--with only six days for the last game to make sure it is one with playoff implications--but asked NBC if it could announce the first game to its owners meeting in New Orleans that starts Tuesday.

Flex scheduling has benefited NBC, but the league and its TV committee came up with the idea back in 2004, before NBC began talking about getting back into the NFL game.