NextWave hires Lucent for network build


NextWave Telecom struck a $100 million deal with Lucent Technologies for construction of the initial phase of a planned wireless voice and data network, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The move indicates the bankrupt company plans to begin using the coveted spectrum it won back from federal regulators last month. Lucent will build the first stages of a network for delivering wireless voice and data services in Detroit and in Madison, Wis., as well as wireless-data services in NextWave's remaining 93 markets. The work should be completed within 10 months.

Monday's announcement that NextWave would use the spectrum, many analysts believe NextWave will ultimately reach a deal with the FCC that would transfer the spectrum to AT&T Wireless and other winners of the FCC's reauction of spectrum originally won by NextWave in exchange for several billion dollars. The FCC is still considering whether to appeal the court ruling declaring the agency's resale out of bounds.