The Next Wave


What does it take for women to become rising stars in the media industry? Why have they been successful? How are they changing the media business? And who are these Next Wave women?

Last year, Broadcasting & Cable tried to answer those difficult questions by identifying women who are rising through the ranks of the television, radio and cable industries by profiling them in an annual special report.

This year's edition, like last year's, focuses on women who are in middle management in the middle of their careers. Since there are a number of different waves for women to ride to the top of the fields, we've broken down the Next Wave profiles into 10 categories, ranging from broadcast network and radio to technology and cable news. Then, to make the final selection, we spent several months discussing the possible candidates among our editors, industry executives and the people at American Women in Radio and Television.

Even with all that expertise, narrowing the field down to just one candidate in a category was an even tougher task than last year. Many qualified candidates emerged for each category. While that required some difficult choices, the competition to make this list is an encouraging development. Despite the most difficult economic times in a decade, the next wave of women executives does not seem to have crested or broken.