Next Century Hits Member Century Mark

Boise is latest city to sign on
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Next Century Cities says it has added its 100th city, Boise, Idaho.

The group has been advocating for "fast, affordable, reliable" Internet access, including asking the FCC to grant petitions from Chattanooga, Tenn., and Wilson, N.C., which the FCC did, to preempt state laws limiting broadband buildouts by cities.

The group of mayors and other city officials launched last October with 32 member cities.

Next Century members espouse the following broadband principals

1. “High-Speed Internet Is Necessary Infrastructure

2. “The Internet Is Nonpartisan

3. “Communities Must Enjoy Self-Determination [i.e. no state preemption].

4. “High-Speed Internet Is a Community-Wide Endeavor

5. “Meaningful Competition Drives Progress

6. “Collaboration Benefits All.”