NewsHour on the Case


Editor: I am writing in regard to Harry A. Jessell's column of May 19, "Conflict of Disinterest." As The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer has been following this story for the past several months, I was interested to see what you would say about what I would agree is a serious lack of news coverage on this important issue.

Imagine my surprise when toward the end, you list a few broadcast outlets that have produced coverage of the FCC media-ownership rules debate but did not include a 13-minute piece aired on the NewsHour
last Thursday evening. I imagine the ABC News story might have conflicted with your viewing of PBS at that time. And your list probably wasn't intended to list every instance over the airwaves, but I did want to call our story to your attention in case you decide to write on this issue in the future. You can see the transcript and streaming versions at

We also plan to take a second look at this story in June when the proposed rule changes are announced. I realize that might not seem like enough coverage to some, but, for the volume of viewers who wrote in and thanked us for our first story, I imagine every little bit helps inform people about this important subject.

Samara Aberman, media reporter, The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer