Newseum Rededicating Memorial To Fallen Journalists

62 journalists killed in the line of duty will be added to the memorial

The Washington-based Newseum on March 30 will hold a ceremony to rededicate its memorial to journalists killed in the line of duty.

The Newseum is adding the names of 62 journalists, including those killed in 2008, and others from previous years.

With those additions, the memorial will include the names of 1,913 print and electronic journalists, from the U.S and abroad, who have died while on assignment, dating back to 1837.

As part of the rededication, there will be a panel discussion on increasing hostility toward journalists.

The memorial takes up a room of the museum, with one wall devoted to the names, etched in glass, of the fallen journalists, sorted by date of death. Another wall has pictures of some of the journalists, and three kiosks provide an opportunity to search for them by name or date of death.

The museum rededicates the memorial annually with the addition of names from the year before, or any names that it concludes should be added from past years.

Generally, the criteria is that the journalist died while covering a story.