News nets hold tight to ratings


Cable viewers continued to flock to news channels last week, propelling Fox
News Channel and Cable News Network to the top of the cable Nielsen Media Research rankings.

For the week of March 31 through April 6, Fox News averaged a hulking 4.2 rating
with 4.5 million viewers in prime time to lead all cable networks.

CNN was second with a 3.1 average rating and 3.4 million viewers.

Turner Network Television was the highest-rated entertainment channel, drawing a 2.0 average and
2.3 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research data from ABC Cable

MSNBC also continued its recently strong ratings with a 1.7 rating and 1.7
million viewers.

Children's programmers delivered consistent ratings.

Disney Channel averaged a 1.8 rating in prime time, followed by Cartoon
Network's 1.7 and Nickelodeon's 1.6.

General-entertainment networks slipped a bit from their usual marks.

Lifetime Television notched a 1.5 in prime time, followed by USA Network with a 1.4 average
and TBS Superstation's 1.3.

Oxygen joined the list last week for the first time with a 0.3 average.

Predictably, news shows dominated among individual program ratings.

Fox News claimed 21 of the 22-highest-rated programs for the week.

The O'Reilly Factor grabbed the biggest Nielsen mark with a 5.8
rating April 1.

O'Reilly was upstaged Monday night by Fox News' Greta Van Susteren. Her On
the Record with Greta Van Susteren
show snatched a 6.3 rating, Fox News' highest rating ever for
a news show.