News Managers Get Into Training


Mid-level news managers: Get ready to pull out those ethical compasses and chart a course for the Radio and Television News Directors Foundation.

RTNDF has gotten a $150,000 grant from the Knight Foundation for training of assistant news directors, producers, editors, and assignment managers on everything from how to tell a story to how to deal with convergence, freedom of information issues, and ethical decision-making.

The broadcast news business has come under increasing scrutiny in the wake of the government turf war over the proper use of video news releases. At the same time, investigative journalism has become more difficult in the face of terrorism-related--or at least invoked--restrictions on information, as well as the government's pursuit of sources and journalists through subpoenas.

NewsTrain is an 18-month pilot program comprising three, day-long workshops held in conjunction with the Associated Press Managing Editors, which has a similar program for print.