News groups slam Oregon sports plan


News associations are protesting restrictions on rebroadcast of sports highlights proposed by the University of Oregon.

Last week the university proposed that TV stations air no more than 20 seconds of Oregon Ducks' game highlights for 48 hours after a game, 30 seconds for a week after the game and no highlights from then on. The university also wants to limit video interviews of coaches and athletes and choose which journalists are granted interviews by reserving the right to lift university coverage restrictions at the school's discretion.

"No one should attempt to place restrictions on how the press does its job or try to impose guidelines that impact reporting an, in essence, select which journalists get to report the news," said Ray Marcano, president of the Society of Professional Journalists. SPJ, along with the Radio-Television News Directors Association and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press sent a letter to the university denouncing the plan.
- Bill McConnell