News Corp. Puts Its Name on History


Eight media companies/publishing families have kicked in a cumulative $52 million to help fund the new Newseum in Washington and get their brands/names on various parts of the museum's fancy new digs in the bargain.

News Corp. has found a surefire way to make sure its name goes down in journalism history. It's $10 million donation--tied with The Times for largest donation--gets it naming rights for the museum's News History gallery. But its news rivals will have a chance to get their nameplates noticed as well (see below).

The news museum opened in Arlington, Va., in April 1997, but closed less than five years later to devote all its energies to planning and building a new museum in downtown D.C., which is scheduled to open in fall 2007.

On Tuesday, Newseum officials announced the eight new founding partners, which will each get naming rights to a gallery or other venue within the sprawling complex a gavel's throw from the Capitol. the new museum will include retail space and housing as well as galleries and exhibits.

The new "name" partners are:

•The New York Times/Ochs-Sulzberger family, $10 million/Great Hall of News (atrium)

•News Corporation, which will give $10 million and get its name on a News History Gallery.

•The Greenspun family, publishers of the Las Vegas Sun, $7 million and a terrace on Pennsylvania Avenue.

•NBC Universal, $5 million/Interactive Newsroom

•Time Warner, $5 million/the World News Gallery

•Hearst Corporation, $5 million/the Power of News Theater

•ABC News/Walt Disney Company, $5 million/the Changing Exhibits Gallery.

•The Pulliam family (Indianapolis Star, Arizona Republic, among others), $5 million/Great Books Gallery