Newman weighs in on Franken-Fox dispute


Actor Paul Newman offered his take on the legal dispute between Fox News
Channel and political satirist Al Franken Tuesday, saying that Fox News "sets a noble
example for standing firm against whatever."

In a New York Times op-ed, Newman said Fox News' claim that Franken is
violating its trademarked rights to the slogan "Fair and Balanced" inspired his own
lawsuit against the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), alleging
"piracy of personality and copycat infringement."

Newman -- who won an Oscar for his performance in a 1963 movie, HUD --
claimed that his feelings and residuals have suffered "innocence by association" with
the HUD.

Newman, who is also chief executive of food company Salad King, said
other companies -- like the "Bratwurst Asphalt Co. and Ypsilanti Hot Dog and
Bean Shop" -- are "prepared to label its products fair and balanced."

Knowing Fox News will sue, Newman quipped, "Its newscasters will be so tied up with
subpoenas that they will only be able to broadcast from the courtroom, where they
will be seen tearing out their hair and whining, looking anything but fair and

That, he added, "would certainly be jolly good sport all