New York Tops FCC Call Center Calls

New York receives most, but Chicago tops when looking at volume of calls per TV household

According to FCC figures, New York takes the prize for most DTV-related calls on June 12, when the majority of full-power TV stations pulled the plug on analog.

 The FCC received 10,941 calls from the Big Apple. Number two was Chicago at 6,526, followed by L.A. with 5,473, Dallas-Fort Worth at 4,329, and Philadelphia at 3,749.

 The FCC also ranked the stations by volume of calls per TV household in markets that got at least 1,000 calls. That essentially meant which markets got the most calls as a percentage of all the TV households in the market, essentially discounting markets so small that a handful of calls would represent a relatively large percentage.

 By that measure, the commission got the most calls from Chicago, followed by Dallas-Fort Worth, New York, Philadelphia (3,753) and Baltimore (1,259).