New Website For Fox News


Fox News has revamped its Website, giving it a more modern look and adding more video, customization opportunities and news categories. The changes, in effect now at, were aimed at giving the site a cleaner look, improving its navigation and increasing its news content.

Key to the redesign is offering users opportunities to customize their news. A MyNews area allows viewers to pick their the source of their headlines and organize them into a single customizable page. MyWeather lets viewers customize their weather reports based on their city of choice. Users can also crate custom video playlists and search the site with a search engine powered by Google.

The new site includes more than 30 new news content sections including You Decide 2006, an area for election coverage and Celebrity Center, news, bios, pictures and video of celebrities. It also includes a "BuzzTracker" tool that lets users sort through conversations on some 5,000 politically-focused blogs and online media resources.

Fox News plans to introduce cellular and Blackberry platforms of the new site on Sept. 19.