A New Way for Brands to Tell Their Story

Scott Schiller, general manager, business operations at NBCUniversal’s new Content Studio, explains that in a fragmented media landscape, brands need to tell their stories in new and distinctive ways.

As consumers have more options to engage with all types of content, and with new apps and platforms emerging rapidly on the scene, it’s becoming imperative for marketers to break through and drive meaningful connections with their consumers. Marketers still need to drive tune-in for their own brands.

There’s growing recognition that one size does not fit all when it comes to programming content. Audiences on any platform, expect content to be programmed uniquely for them, makes those stories resonate more strongly.  But even if the creative is designed for the specific platform, there’s risk in investing your time, resources, budgets and energy to build stories without the confidence that someone will see it.  Marketers need to break through the clutter with a distribution strategy and often struggle to achieve their creative goals at scale.

It’s time for brands to start owning space and not renting it. They can find the right collaborators to fuel their own content marketing strategies.

Enter, The NBCU Content Studio - a place that takes brands beyond the standard media buy and enables them to tell even deeper stories, above and beyond NBCU shows, with the premium quality they seek, and the built-in data-targeted scale for distribution.

Brands now have access to NBCUniversal’s talent both in front of and behind the camera across all genres of content to develop original and ownable brand narratives that deliver valuable experience for audiences.

No matter the format, the genre or the target -- brands can redefine how they interact with their customers by becoming programmers and publishers. If content is core to your marketing strategy, now there’s a new way to breakthrough.

Click on the image below to watch an overview of the NBCUniversal’s Content Studio

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