New Season of ‘Unearthed’ On Science Channel Nov. 3

Archaeological show visits Tower of Babel, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Mount Rushmore
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Science Channel's 'Unearthed'

Science Channel's "Unearthed"

Science Channel has a new batch of Unearthed episodes starting Nov. 3. The archaeology series “digs up the deepest secrets of history’s great civilizations,” according to Science. “More than just scientific investigations, the series uses explosive animation to unearth the hidden stories of iconic monuments and tackles the mysteries behind them.”

Kicking off this season is a look at the lost ancient Egyptian city of Armana. The season also visits the Tower of Babel, Hitler’s Secret Bunker, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Lost City of Troy and Mount Rushmore.

Unearthed is produced for Science Channel by Windfall Films. For Windfall Films, Carlo Massarella, Rob Hartel and John Fothergill are the executive producers. For Science Channel, Neil Laird is executive producer.

Science Channel is part of Discovery, Inc.