The new order


AT&T Broadband 2000E Revenues: $8.3B

Cable assets initially get tied to a tracking stock. When all the pieces ultimately splinter, cable systems stay inside the original, century-old AT&T, which gets renamed and surrenders its stock-ticker symbol. Gets controlling stake in Excite@Home.

AT&T Business 2000E Revenues: $28.6B

Long-distance and CLEC services targeting larger commercial customers. Will get the ancient T ticker symbol and be the parent of AT&T Consumer.

AT&T Consumer 2000E Revenues: $19.2B

The sagging residential long-distance business, which cable was supposed to help save. Becomes a tracking stock of the business group.

AT&T Wireless 2000E Revenues: $10.3B

Fast-growing cell-phone operation. Already a tracking stock, but AT&T owns 85%. Company will completely spin that out.

Revenue estimates by Morgan Stanley Dean Witter