New Network, New Logo


The last time a network was born (has it really been only a month?), B&C checked in with design legend Milton Glaser for his appraisal of its logo. Though he is still reluctant to tee-off on another designer’s work, he was game enough to indulge us again with his take on My Network TV’s trademark.

"It is banal, unimaginative, confusing," he says. "What else can one say about it?"

Well, how about: "It looks almost student-like in its lack of understanding of how forms come together."

"What you have here are things that don’t want to be together," he says. "The ‘my’ doesn’t want to be with the ‘TV’; the screen doesn’t want to be with the lettering; the little word doesn’t want to be with the big one."

He compares it to "having a lot of different foods on a plate that are OK individually, but you don’t want to eat them together." (We in the business call that the Swanson Hungry-Man effect.)

Despite his objections to the graphics, Glaser finds the variation on "My TV" to be "a clever use of words."

To be fair, the My Network TV logo, like The CW’s, was clearly a product of haste.

And Glaser concedes that "the logo doesn’t make that much difference. Sometimes, you can have a dumb logo, and it still does the job."

Ultimately, he says, it’s typical of a corporate aversion to "anything that looks fresh or different or unusual.

"So they end up using tired replays of other ideas," Glaser says.

(Flash! declines to read anything into this about the new network, especially with regard to its programming.)