New Multimedia Campaign Shows Softer Side of Marines

Goal is to appeal more to millennials, minorities
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A new multimedia campaign for the U.S. Marine Corps is bucking the trend of focusing on the warrior aspect of service, reports AdAge.

Launching this week is a new campaign that strives to paint a more gentler picture of what being a Marine means, according to the report. JWT, who is behind the new campaign, developed a commercial, "Towards the Sounds of Chaos" which will show trucks and helicopters arriving with boxes marked "Aid," alongside shots of Marines headed into battle.

The campaign includes documentary-style videos posted on the Corps' Facebook page and on YouTube, showing real footage of Marines in action on disaster-relief missions following natural disasters in Haiti and Japan, the story said.

The hope is that the new campaign will give young adults and minorities a more favorable view of the Marines; only 42% of youth and young adults had a favorable opinion towards the marines, according to research commissioned by JWT, Atlanta. The same research also found that 70% of minorities belived that "helping people in need, wherever they may live" was important to them, according to the report.