New Front Moves in at Weather Ch.


The Weather Channel unveiled a new logo and marketing campaign Thursday.

Using the tag line "Bringing Weather to Life," the network wants to draw  more of the viewers it labels “vitalists." Network President Patrick Scott defined them as a cross between viewers who are actively interested in weather and “planners” who use the channel to schedule their lives.

Spots focus on families flying kites or business "drones" suddenly having snowball fights.

The campaign is part of a long-running effort to reduce the network’s reliance on what executives call “commodity” viewers, i.e. those who stop in to quickly check a forecast for a few minutes then click off. That means more shows that were once the province of Discovery Channel, like Weather’s Storm Chasers.

News networks of various stripes have all tried to establish more appointment viewing, to greater and lesser success.

New programming includes a magazine show, Weekend View, airing Saturdays and Sundays from 7-11 a.m. ET. 

Weather also becomes the latest channel to clone VH1’s nostalgia countdown shows with a series of specials called Weather's Top Ten, focusing on extreme weather locations – the snowiest, rainiest, etc,