New b’cast rules to take effect Sept. 4


New broadcast-ownership rules go into effect Sept. 4, as editors of the
Federal Register made good on plans to publish them Tuesday.

The Federal Communications Commission stipulated in June that the rules would
go into effect one month after publication in the register, which serves as the
federal government’s vehicle for public notices.

Publication also triggers other deadlines: petitions for the FCC to
reconsider all or part of the rules are due Sept. 4, as well, and appeals for
federal judges to strike them down are due Oct. 4.

Of course, separate efforts on Capitol Hill to rewrite the FCC’s June 2
changes are still expected to move forward when Congress reconvenes from August

The changes raised the national TV-ownership cap to 45% of television
households, made it easier to form smaller-market duopolies and relaxed
restrictions on local broadcast/newspaper cross-ownership.